Friday, June 22, 2012

A sad thing happened last night

The air has cleared and the smell has calmed, our neighbors that live 5 homes away and on the corner of Clarendon Hills and 67th are OK as far as I know but their home is not.. Not sure how it started but at 10:30 my family that was still up woke me up and then after the fire was out I could go back to sleep...circling in my head about the family and what happened.  This happens to my mom down in Arkansas after she moved down there..lost everything. They have had there share and I oftenwonder why the are experience more...Two years ago they lost her disable daughter and then Nicky the wife found out she had cancer and they have been dealing with much loss..I want to ask Why??   Whats wild is there was another home that caught on fire during the afternoon just four house away from us on Clarendon Hill in April...just to darn close... I pray for this family that they can find comfort to get through this tragedy, and that the community can come together for them..Which I know we will.

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  1. Oh! how awful. I'm so sorry for them.


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