Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo's from our last class yesterday

 Cosette's Creative Writing Journal has a good start, she's been working on her cover and is sharing the inside pages ready to write on. 

 Erin also has a good start on the cover and inside pages. We were working with color last week and bring in our stamps we made and any other things we felt like stamping with. But this last week we added a bit of embellishment to the books. 

Joan has a favorite children's book full of stories she is working from, and she has images in the book that she wants to save and allow them to show throw. 

it's hard to beleive the 4 weeks went by so fast..a new session of 4 classes start up in July.

Now you can also see how the creative journals can so easily can fall into a art journal and you can build up layers of collage and other mixed media but there created for writing in and on each page.

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