Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Day with Uta

 Uta and myself sitting in the back yard.

 First wave of people.. Left to right, me, April, Doris, Uta, Marge, and Nancy
 Her is Robin, Barb Uta, April Doris all hanging out in the papermaking tent and April is pulling a sheet of paper and Uta is next.
 Hank was being such a good boy just laying in the back yard. We had finished Lunch and just relaxing a bit and then waiting for Uta to present some of her works on the computer and share her process.
Here we are all together..Thanks to Patty  that stopped by she took a nice group picture of us.

I'm still in a bit of shock that Uta is actually here..I kept staring at her in astonishment that she was here..she proably felt a bit weird.  Such a perfect day for her visit...now she's on to April's and soon I think she'll be heading out west on a train...how cool is that?  Miss you Uta. 


  1. I know. We keep looking at her and thinking "is it you", "are you really here". It's just the best summer ever, with the best memories we'll have. "Oh no"! We don't want to say good-bye; only "so long". We will all be a bunch of "chiona's" (cry babies), as Elena says. It was such a nice day you gave us, Laura. Loved all of us being together, loved making the paper and you showing us how, and the yummy lunch. It was perfect. Thank you. (((((xox)))))

  2. We did have a good day.


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