Friday, June 29, 2012

On to #4

My visit with Uta was short, sad by that but things are planned and such is life but so much of what was to gather from that has really stuck with me.  I sat, seen and listened to her share about her work and how she does it and it was very inspiring to me.

She know what she didn't want to do first...and then what she wanted to do and it fell into place as if by magic...Oh I know it wasn't a smooth ride the past 5 years..when is it ever.. Lif is life and you learn how to move through it and come out on the other side a wiser and better person.

She had shared that she knew that she didn't want to be the one selling her art herself..and that she wanted to be in the studio more often. So by knowing what you don't want to do then it can give you some good orderly direction on what you need to do and want to do..

And she showed this picture of a set of luggage and a blanket layed over them and this was the piece that she didn't realize was the start of you journey over here..

You know when you don't know why you are doing some thing but you just need to do it anyways and then all the dots start connecting.. After I finish this piece for my art agent and the design center I'm on a mission to use up the canvases  and panels for my solo show in October at LaGrange Art League and then I would like to explore even more on this concept of being in the studio more and then sending my babies out in the word to galleries extra..I know a big dream but I've hustled around all over the place meeting some awesome people and making some great friends but at this point being a scatter brain about things is about to stop..well I hope so...Let say the seed is planted to go in a new directions and I'm receiving good info on how to do that so listening to the wise ones and just changing some approaches to things.

Now how funny this sounds but the need to purchase a gizzmo for projecting image from my laptop to the wall for bigger view is making itself present and then knowing a few people that have word smith skills to get a book made up of what I do and the procedure of that all and self publish this might be a good direction and from there keep working in the studio and tending to my home and that too much to seek?  No I don't think to have a direction to shoot for.

I just took in my CD's of a few piece of work and I'm going to take advantage of the sale at Osio-Browns' and get one piece printed and one free...going to cost a pretty $ but something else I would like to have ready for the Naperville Woman's Club art fair..July 15th and 16th...I got in at a good time as of the 4th holiday and them being out of town...I should get them back in time to package them up for sales. 

I even has a few of my nudes in there to have them print of up and they really like them...and these guys see alot of art work in one day as of shooting them and making them into as the fall comes around I would like to go back to life drawing session and pick that up again.. another direction to fulfill

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  1. Loved her explanation of procedure too; so inspiring. Love those pieces here too, Laura!


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