Saturday, June 02, 2012

New Outdoor Cooker

 Yucca cooked and now I'm in the process of beating a bit more before it will be ready for my blenders and then poured into a vat.. some natural plants with very fibrous leaves need a bit process then other..If I was cooking up cattails, or iris leaves I wouldn't have to beat it like the Yucca.
 Well with the gifted coleman stove from my cousin, which I still have for back up my bigger coleman camping stove...was dying. It took me all day to keep the burning flaming nice and hot. In our house we hate to let it go with out trying to fix it first and the Husband did just that but it was old and really rusty so I decided to check in on a new one and there in Bass Pro...(love that place, if every I was locked into a store this would be the place) I found for the price of what I was going to spend on Coleman I could get this Outdoor burner.  And it burns clean fuel then the other..I get 20 hours out of tank and the stead heat is wonderful...
Who would figure something like this would make a gal happy..well this gal that is.   I've not made any paper yet but will soon.

Such a funny job of sitting at the computer writing up contracts, flyers, registration forms and supply list and then sharing the day with creating some good natural yucca pulp for hand papermaking..I have to tell you my hands are always so soft after working with it..I was told that Yucca is in a lot of products for that purpose of softening hands and hair products.

Well now off to rise and beat the second batch of yucca and freeze it till I'm ready to make it..I've got another big bag of dried yucca leave to cut and soak so never know how the day will turn out..I so easily could get lost in this today.....and tomorrow.


  1. I can hardly believe the effort you put into this yucca. The paper must be amazing!

  2. Lookin' wonderful!


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