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check in..week 8 with finding water..

Checking in early..Week 8
I'm taking the beginning statement and breaking it up..seems to work for me.
I thought I would share this here on my blog too.. I share this with another group on line. Again this is from the Julia Cameron Book Finding of her artist way book.

Each of us bears with in us an inner compass, a sort of spiritual dowsing wand. I know I have this..or something like it as to say I check in with it. it's like a mental check list of sorts. Each day I pull a sheet of paper that has a stamped list, Gratitude list and I start with that, the most simplest things as grateful for a new day and the day that has past, a roof over my head and my yard and of course my family and then comes the space I have to create in and the opportunities that present themselves daily. By doing this I feel I've checked in to my inner compass as to see what direction is best to travel in. Because on the back of the paper I write the things I have to do that day..My jobs which are many.. Well I won't go on and bore you all with that but it's my place to start each day besides the morning pages..I also pull a affirmation rock for my bowl and a puzzle piece from a cup I have with more affirmation in it..kind of obsessive I know but it's a routine that works. Not sure if this follows along with what this statement is about..I think though to pull on the truth or the heart of the matter this is a good start for me.

(I've shared this before..repeat)

When our actions match our values, this compass points true north.
I guess by having this grounding place to start it's carried with me through the day, literally the piece of paper is carried every where. so by the end of the day I look over it sometimes briefly and think yes all that I started with matches what was the next right things to do. A simple sense of purpose for the day. And good sense of accomplishment. I keep my list manageable.

This week you are asked to focus on personal grounding.
with all that is my family said "mom your always doing something it's hard to keep up with you" I know myself pretty well and much like a little kid my emotions can spring jump me to the extremes and then I'm lost in the high or excitement and don't know what to slipping in a quick vacuuming and some laundry at a precise point in my day is a grounding..sounds a bit off I know but though I may complain about it I know all to well I don't use it as an avoidance to not be creative I do it to keep me in check or balanced..that this is life and these are real things that need to get done and when I''m doing them I can regroup and gain a better perspective of what's the next right thing to do..I may not like to do this..(the kid in me fights, but the adult say honey get it done and you will feel so much better) which is true and with it I've opened a doorway to see clearer.

As you plan and execute ritual that both sooth and enliven you, your compass will become more steady. I have to say with this week ahead, having to pull out the display panels that need the cover put on and picking out which pieces of art will go well together for a nice showing in my booth and tending to the homestead and my volunteer jobs, MCS..membership chair and the Prayer flags project...Laundry, dishes, bills, bathrooms and the lawn,plus making some paper-(b12's) ( at this point some would or might say Laura if you didn't do all that you might have it a little easier) true but call me crazy it stimulates the creative flow...anyways by what I've shared I feel steady this week and might I say empowered with my understanding and taken from last weeks about watching out for the people or things that can rob you of you enthusiasm I've been caution about where I put my time and energy..Watching out for my own behavior as things that can put me in a time warp or take me out of myself..anyways...enough of that.. it's all good and I'm grateful.

Reaching out to others is another means by which we gauge our own position. As we extend ourselves in empathy towards our friends, we experience ourselves as generous and compassionate.

I've had a few experiences this week with this and practiced the listening and being there. I hope to do more and keep that up.

I've been working on my workshop schedulefor the rest of the year and corresponding with new venues and working with new people, exciting..I'm set for a workshop in August..tough time of year..lots going on but going to give it a try and I've completed a contract with Freeport Art Museum in Freeport IL and looks as though this will be a good things..I will be taking a road trip soon to visit it 2 hours away..excited.

Then a new opportunity presented itself..SEA Self Employment of the Arts-Conference, sent out a email looking for artist or people that work in the arts, visual artist, writers, and performer etc. and I slap jack a quick entry form as of fill it out and before you knew it I got a call..and Amy Rogers is excited about having me do a panel with a few other artist doing what I do and sharing our experience..this won't be till Feb of 2013 but how cool is that..? now this morning the Critic-Sue of my crazy mind is standing over me with arms crossed and a funny smirk on her face..hmmm now how do you thing you will pull this off...the person you picked to be part of the panels hasn't even gotten back to you what if she doesn't want to do it...maybe you should back out now...Now...I know better then to listen to that really body is present just a mind game...the truth and I'll bring that back in now as it's the topic for the week.. The truth is, I was pitch an ball and I caught it then I throw it back and it was was made and established it's real so the rest will play out the way it does and if I have to back out it is an experience that is a step forward to learn from...heck I've got that going for me that is experience and it's worth something, right?

resoaked yucca leaves and some iris leave harvest from last year that has been in the bag for awhile..but its cooked on a outdoor burner and then hand beaten and blended and ready to pull a sheet or few to make Handmade papers. the other pictures I've posted on Facebook all over..probably sick of seeing it..just excited to share.. 

Morning pages yes, walks..some, more hand papermaking this week instead, artist date, the book store 

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