Saturday, June 23, 2012

A bit of corn, mulberry and cattail..

 Well cooking up the corn husk left over from my daughter and her tamale challenge

Cooked corn husks..I cut them before I put them in the water.

 Here's an empty bucket with a paint strainer in it..this will of course allow me to rinse the water from the corn husks.
Corn husks in the buck, going to bring inside to rinse in kitchen sink. You need to rinse the cooked plant fibers till the water is as clear as can be.

Close up of the cooked corn husks  you can see the long fibers.  Not the best plants to cook up but it makes for some very interesting papers.

First you see the tied cattail leaves, then bare mulberry branches and then the bucket of skinned bark from the mulberry branches...I need them to dry out some more before I chop it up and cook it.

The bin here has the cut up cattail leaves..I figured this might help them dry out faster.. the green cattails don't work as well as the dried tan cattail leaves.

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