Monday, June 25, 2012

A bit of this and that this morning

Taking a quick look at my last posts, one can't tell what the heck I'm doing but lets say it's seasonal as of the papermaking happens during the warmer weather so I can make it outside and not have to worry about water..not that it's a mess to make paper but if a bit spills out no problem..

I've been getting a few requests for demo's in the area for the next couple of months so need to looking to the schedule on that..I so enjoy doing them but hard to focus on works I would like to make when I'm called to the computer to work out dates but such is life and I'll take it..

Today I'll be preparing for a group of people to come over and make paper tomorrow, and visit with Uta Mooney. I'm excited to have her come to my home for the day...she's on a three month stay in the states and is visiting alot of people for the first time..though she's met them on line she will see them all in person for the first time...How exciting and adventurous for her.  She is from Austrailia. 

Well best get a move on, need to get the walk in and then start the last minute things like cooking up some more plant fibers...I want to cook up the Mulberry bark, I know I'm not doing it like the book but the way I did it last time worked out well.

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