Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Animal Sightings.

Osprey yesterday flew over my vehicle, the feet were hanging out though. This is an image I found from the Internet to show you what I saw. I wasn't sure I saw it or not so I did a little google search this morning and sure enough there in the area here of DuPage County. Their consider to be the Fish Hawks.

 This isn't my picture, I only had the camera phone and didn't turn out well but I had to share the image I saw of a Doe and Fawn..I had thought the Doe looked as though she might have a little one. She was spotted by herself along, when usually the stick together in a small group till the colder months. What a great sighting though.

 Yellow was the color yesterday while walking in the woods at Old Field Oaks. I again spotted the Baltimore Oriel.  I had thought they migrate through but could be wrong..I know every year I have them for about two weeks singing a way and then I don't see or hear them. 

Now the last little winged one I spotted was either a Western Tanager, or a Pine warbler or a Prothonotary warble.  I know it wasn't a female Gold finch as of the size was different. 

So with all this animal action I was over stimulated and thankful I had many things to do...Like this is the first art fair I had this year so I'm starting at the beginning of the week to prepare as the end of the week has me teaching a class at each day breaking down what I need to do and doing it...much progress was made.


  1. What a great walk you had. Nature never disappoints and provides so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Carol.

    When ever I go walking I never know what want's itself be know for the day..and really is a wonderful surprise. And then some day's it's the average and you see nothing but the experience of whole place is captured even though.


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