Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transit is packed

Back door before I shut them...stacked high of containers that freely open up and closeup and pack up them for workshops.. set them up on the table and there you go.

Well there is still room in this transit for more it's about 1/3 full but need the straps and purchased a few bungee cords too. with it all stacked up, I might need to stop fast and then we have the glue in our faces..not a good thing to have happen.. so best strap it down and then we are steady and safe.. 

Leaving here this morning around 6:30 and picking up my cousin in Yorkville and Road Trip!!.. it's always fun to get away but sad that the whole family isn't coming.. by the third day I really get to missing them a whole lot..but the before you know it I'm home off on to some thing else.

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