Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Supplies Packed

I decided to head to the woods early and as I walked with my walking poles I could feel the body responding to it, saying Yes this is good for you.. and then after two times around I decide to grab some water and set the poles down and do my granny trot/walk at lest another time around so by then I was up to 6 miles. Why did I want to do that?  some may ask mainly to challenge myself to see if I could... it's seem when I'm ready to embark on a big adventure or a challenging one I will challenge myself in other areas..make sense?  Well after going around three times I decided to do it one more and then a nice wide open swing arm walk for the last time around.. equal to 10 miles.  As I walked the last time around the woods path I could feel the shins talking to me.. so a little pain...but I kept on going.

I headed up stairs all the energy I feel while I was out there followed me home and I started packing up the supplies for it sit)picture above)  waiting to be loaded in the Transit for the road trip to Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation area where White Sand's Lake is and Dillman's.

Decided I need a shower after walking and up and down my stairs with the supplies.  Then I had a nice lunch ready to eat on the back patio area where the shadow's of the day already hung and the my four legged loves just laid in the grass. Karl was hiding behind me...he does let me get out of his site for far.. But here's Hank laying peacefully..I don't think the Great Danes sit long well not our big guy..he's back legs look like a Kangroo when he sits and then for  second he will go into the laying down mode like this.. so sitting isn't easy for the long legs he has..much like a horse, their either standing or completely laying down which isn't often.


  1. I find that the exercise burns off nervous energy that usually doesn't serve me well, but the walk-energy is different and good! (mine frequently comes from pulling weeds, etc in the flowerbeds)
    What a great way to prep!
    Makes it all go smoother and faster!
    Off to nurse my poison ivy....ack. From the gardening...a little extra *surprise*.....pfffft!


  2. Oh Anne sorry to hear about the poison ivy..hope you get some relief from that soon..

    as of for the weeding, gardening, walking or just hanging out can fill us up in so many ways..those that don't are missing those that do know all to well kow not to miss it..


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