Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A sense of balance

Regaining a sense of balance after a wonder week presenting a workshop in the North woods of WI..what do you do.. I head back to the woods.  I spent about two hours out there walking in circles but not circles as of crazy ones but of ones to find my personal rhythm.  As the good that was going on and being back into my homestead has me a bit unsettled and with walking in the woods It took me about half way around before I could stop the brain from racing and let it calm down to the beat of my own walking. 

I heard a word and I know I'll be spelling it wrong,  Wichzanni  or Wichzannee..not sure if it's Chippewa or Lakota word for Balance and Harmony..

Even though all is well and good with me it's still an adjustment period as of to get back into full swing..I'm easing myself into it..

Had to replenish some art of polymer medium, we almost didn't have enough but we made it through..if all else failed we would have had to share bottles we had with each other. 

I also had to send in my request for classes at Naperville Art League, for the fall and hoping to do workshop there in August..have to wait to hear back. 

Put the word out to LaGrange Kentucky too and waiting to see some picture of a space that might spring a Collage workshop of mine.

Thinking about gettting some Yucca leave cooked up today..need to soak them first as they are dried from the underside of the plant that I clean up in early spring so soaking first and then cook not going to spend to much time here...regaining the balance by getting my butt in gear on other projects that had to sit waiting till now.

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