Sunday, May 06, 2012

Had some studio time Yesteday

Sample watercolor compositional layout done last week.

This one is called Taming Winter, 8 x 10 clay board panel with the cradle sides with a gray glazing instead of my usually Raw Umber... the theme for class, which by the way I don't give usually is Season as of the four season.. we were to pick a simple composition and do it in our sketchbook four time and than practice with small watercolor substrates (4) of now the students are dead tried of them or they will know this composition so well they take it to new levels.  As of bring in image transfers and what ever is calling at the moment.  I've used my image of the stacking rock from Door County visit with my mother in law.  I've used them in the Rock Mama piece but I was going to do a crow thing on each one but the rocks seem to be calling a way recognizes balance. So the plan is to work through the other season and use the gray glazing instead of the Raw Umber and stick with my compositional layout and the stacking rocks. I've used the printed papers we made in class and then printed with the same plate over everything and pulled a Long handled paint brush scribble over everything in the middle.  I know this isn't as dramatic as some of my other pieces but I'm looking forward to the bigger impact it will make with the four piece together. 
So do you see the same compositional layout as the one at the top?

Restoring a sense of balance in my life can be done a few is to go walking in the woods, and another one is tending to the homestead and home management like the bills. I know how can that happen.  Well I feel with a good attitude, and a sense of inner calming that is what the sense of balance is truly about for me.  So bills are paid, grass was cut, some weeding down our a flower that will make it easier to cut later with the lawn mower... (six more to go..little at time, plus I really enjoy gardening) vacuuming and I even made it up to the studio after dinner and worked on my class piece. 

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  1. Fun seeing these and comparing the layouts and forms.
    How do you like the clayboard? I've never tried it--has always looked tempting.
    Can definitely see the repetition of elements in the bottom piece (and very much like the rock formation image).
    Okay, spellchecker is going wackko with my inability to spell/type this a.m.
    Will close before the computer blows up...LOL!



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