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Finding Water Week 7

Sharing my summary of the Artist Way third book, "Finding Water" I'm continuing on with the book, there are 12 weeks, in total..(into week 7 now) Then I would like to try Julia Cameron's latest Artist Way book out now called- "The Prospersous Heart, Creating a life of "Enough", So if you receive this in a feeder blog you know what's going on. Julia Cameron's,  book-Find Water has her dealing with her own depression and how she keeps going, though she is a writer, what she shares through out all her books is helpful to creative spirits like myself.

Uncovering a Sense of Resilience

Most of us have little sense of our true strength. The Essays and tasks of this week ask you to focus on your personal Resiliency.  By focusing on your available resources, you will see that you do indeed have sufficient fuel for your journey. Your spiritual well will not run dry if you take the time and care to replenish it by self-loving actions. At midpoint in the course, your spiritual and connection to the Great Creator both deepens and becomes ever more personal, revealing to you perhaps previously unsuspected inner strength.

Support 1

Julia Shares… The problem so many of us have is “self-sufficiency.” We fall into depending on ourselves instead of God/Universe/Mary or the O’Mighty and then we wonder why we feel so alone. We cut ourselves off and then we feel isolated. You know, we really are not alone.

Statement- What would it be like to be wordless for a while, simply living, existing in the flow of life like a satiny gray river rock, washed over by the flow?

Personal thoughts…at this point it still sounds as though Julia is struggling and flopping around on shore or as the book is titled “Finding Water” and all the stuff that can flood in has and she knows it.  She also knows how to work or get out of this place…but she’s in it, and it happened.  So feelings have been there and not reaction upon them is a course she knows all too well not to do. But she’s still filled with the Self-centered fears.   Knowing at this point she or we may need to reach out and call or send that email to share our feelings to let it out.  Carrying it around from my experience festers and then feeds on my self-doubt and fears.    I know a few times it was nice to vent or let out to Doris/Blue Heron this past week…for how silly it was or how I was feeling it was comforting to have some there that knows me and also knows I’ll work it out and march through it. Having a sound board / or believing mirror seems to be the Must have though the trouble times.

Divining Rod Task work- Look for someone that can take you just as you are. By having some knowledge beforehand, when the moment arises you can call and reach out. Make a list of five.

Discernment 2

As Artists we, too, must learn who and what to give a wide berth. We must steer clear, if we can, of people who dampen our enthusiasm, who cut short our flight of fancy.

As artist, we must be vigilant. We cannot control everyone around us but we can learn whose company is good for us and whose company causes us to shrivel and shrink.  An Artist only hearing the criticism begins to shut down.  But we do need some honesty from that friend that can take us for how we are right now. They know us and if they care about us they will let us know when we are wobbling. Reality is that we can’t be On every day and our art isn’t going to be perfect but if there’s areas of tweaking for our own good.  It sure would be nice to have a friend that was vigilant enough to tell us, As Julia shares Our Sentinel Owls.

Divining Rod Task work- Who would you take to war?  Do you have anyone like that?  Someone that you would take, that could keep their head and objectivity when things get tough? Some one that helps us get of us and sees the bigger picture.

Healing 3

Personal thoughts- From what I’m gathering here is that Julia’s depressed state has also carried some hurt be it a rejection or a few critical comments and her own state of mind. She shares about how again she works through it…by staying small and in staying small or humble as I’ve heard it stated before, she is able to take a small action step on her behalf and be it in the outer world or inner world it’s still about moving forward…not stagnant water, “finding the water is what objective it…the flow again

Julia shares, Sometimes the action is the action…

like doing the small sketch..

or pulling out the glue stick and magazine an making a small collage sketch

or running some fabric through the sewing machine or

 putting the pen to paper or hands to the typewriter key board

 or the brush to the canvas.

At this point it might be the mindset of play and that can change the perspective/stinking thinking and help us see the bigger picture and in the right proportion.

Divining Rod Task work-Setting up a personal ritual with a spiritual spin might be a good practice to try, Divided by regular activities. Set the pace for you own rituals. If you would like to share please do.

Soldiering On 4

As an artist, soldiering on is often what is called for…Perseverance?  We may not be able to see any opening, any sure path for our work to follow. “What’s the use?” we my hear the word “Hopeless” But it is not hopeless, If we are willing to soldier on there are brighter days ahead of us as well as dark. If we muster the courage/heart to continue, there is hope that we might succeed. We need to focus on the possible positive. We need to count on ourselves and on the benevolent larger power that wishes us well. 

How is this done?

Morning pages that let go of the negative chatter. Quiet ourselves, easy does it and just for today we may not have answers for the biggies in our lives, but we will have answers to the many small ones.

Divining Rod task work- list the areas in your life that didn’t work out that way you wanted it do or thought it would? But take another look and see if you can find the silver lining in that.

The old saying…We Can’t always get what we want but we get what we need”

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