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Friday, May 18, 2012

Energy where to use it?

With packing and preparing for my last class it's a funny thing but I end up having this extra energy and knowing myself if I don't use it right I could create some trouble. So knowing I'll be away for a bit I had the papers laid out on the canvas for the past week and hadn't had a chance to do anything about..bother the cr-p out of me so I tack the papers down.. now this is the basic design, more details will come in when I come back.. The title of this piece hasn't come yet so I'll be looking for when I get back home and start working on it again.. This is # 3 of 4. So back to that energy when I get nervous, excited or have a bit of anxiety it always works best if I can do something even just clean the studio is a good way to work through it but yesterday was a day to work on it.

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