Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day after a day off

Some how every day I'm doing something for my little career as an artist, teacher and workshop presenter, along with the jobs of being mom, wife, home manager, dog walker and anything else that gets added as I'm walking out the door..complaining?..No not really just stating a honest fact.

Yesterday though I stayed away from all those responsibilities...the husband joked with me. When we met at the end of his work day in the kitchen I said I took the day off today. I didn't do anything.  I wasn't announcing to him to make him upset or jealous I just stated it.

It felt odd..I took care of myself and went for a morning walk and then I meet a friend for Lunch in Glen Ellyn IL.  I remember going there when I was very young every week for the dentist.. I guess I had some bad teeth as their alignment. Well sad to say they are still out of alignment and I'm prone to have bad teeth as it's in the family genes.  But back to Lunch it was great to see my Friend.  She's going through a rough patch.  We've been friend for so long..we use to hang out together in high school, and she was my connection to meeting my Husband so history of our friendship is there.

I came home after our visit feeling a bit drained and sad by what she may be going through. I shared with the husband and then he offered to purchase dinner. "I didn't have to make dinner" yes..sometimes I get tired of that...he bought from out local pizza place and after that he's ask me from down stairs as I was up in the studio putting my clean brushes away.. he was in the laundry room, he asked, if I was putting the laundry through into the Dryer?  I yelled down and said No I'm on Holiday...Day off remember...well it got a good chuckle and laugh. 

Now Day off has passed and time to get back on the horse here and move it forward many things on the list..first off taking the dogs to the park to run free and socialize a bit and then start my day.


  1. Good for you! Self care is so important to our physical, spiritual and creative selves and yet as women I think we forget that we deserve a day off from the everyday. Hope you feel rejuvenated. Have a happy Mothers Day.

  2. It was sort of *day-off* here too.
    When my hubs came in, I decided we BOTH needed to go to the local burger joint for dinner.
    Sat and talked, joked, relaxed...headed for the Dollar store to pick up some essentials, and it was a fun little trip.
    Came home feeling lighter and ready for all the *responsibilities* that today brings.
    Amazing how little it takes to get things back on track.
    Even if it's a bag of plastic pirates! ;-)



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