Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something real and it!

Face book yes was on it this morning and the Rock fairy Kim M. had this on her post..and I watched it and just feel in love with her and the whole package of presentation and music.. I love it...nothing like a real, raw, woman.  it's great! 

Worked in the studio later in the day around 4:00p till about 6:30pm I couldn't believe it took me that long to fuse the papers to the canvas... I wanted them fused down really good.  I'm waiting for more glazing medium to come in.. silly me forgot to order it earlier but then I needed to get a few gallons of polymer for the workshops so all worked out as it should.

I can't believe the list of things I had going on and what I accomplished..lets say even the homestead bills and art business paperwork was taken care of... fit a walk in with the dogs and a walk in the woods..I did let go of the normal three times around and settled for just one time...which is 2 miles.  Funny thing is I had to tell myself..."Laura your here made it to the woods...don't over do it, just  enjoy it." And that I did...the Trillium's and the Trout lilies all over them place.  And I saw the wild Geraniums too.

Then when I was walking Hank the one neighbor came speed skating slowly up to us and let Hank smell him ...our Hank is funny seems he would rather make a nip at you first to let you know not to mess with him and then smell who you are. Not that he did that but when we greeted each other being the guy has a dog himself he understood about just being calm and letting the dog smell you...but the guy wanted to say he was sorry for his dog biting Hank some months back when we walked by...and  I understood cause Hanks nipped a few when he was younger too. And his dog has been attacked by other short on this is our dogs have issue and by the time we coasted down the road Hank wanted to rough house with him like he does with all is good but it would be nice if the dogs could meet up and let them ease into things instead of being on leashes and on the protective side of things.

Well life is full of wonder and I'm in need to keeping that happening.

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