Saturday, April 14, 2012

Residency is complete

Saturday of my young adults living with us is just left for work, she works up on the north side of the city, a long road trip in and out every day but it's doing what she was trained to do final.
The rest of the house is quiet and I'm enjoying the quiet this morning with the last two week of extra work and slipping in making papers and trying to treat myself to an artist date now and then.  I'm moving into this day nice and easy.  We are to be getting some rain soon which we need it in our area been very dry.  I can tell with my big fish tank in one week it's dropped about a good 1 1/2 in water. 

Well my residency with the Riverside Brookfield High School is finished.  Most of the Students were eager to learn and some of them had other plans for there last 8 weeks of school. Those were the AP students  though the art teacher wanted them to do it or at least give it a try to make a collage and bring that into their 24 piece that have to get done for the concentration. But they didn't have to and so be it. 

I was so upset with myself I had for each time my camera with me and wouldn't know now it the last day I wanted to take picture of the student's and I left my SD flash card in my lap top...what a silly girl...I could really slap my self silly sometimes.  I always felt funny ask before while they were making the papers and didn't want to get into trouble...The teacher said he would send me some finished images.

It was a wonderful experience being in the class room with the students...most of them were quiet and focused which is great and then you have to remember I'm a outsider coming in and they don't know beans about me so as being young adults they won't open up right away they have to see who I am and what I'm about first. I did get a chance to go into the sculpture class and show some stuff there and I walked in on them working on there large sculptures that will be placed around the high school campus. life size sculptural image of will be hanging off the roof top...they are so excited about it..

Honesty working with all ages is great. from the very young to my age and older..I'm just grateful I had the experience and it was amazing and now on to preparing for a few weekend workshops and producing some of my own works..

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