Friday, April 20, 2012

Printing and Collage class today

Today is Printing and Collage class and our theme this session is the "Seasons" I don't normal give themes as I feel it stifles...but in fact is can be looked at as working with in limits and if your a creative type...and have had the experience of working with just a few supplies and needing and wanting to create know that you can and actually it becomes a challenged to see if you can make something with in the limits. 

Well we are making papers and printing on them and today we will do some Nevr Dull papers and work on some fund papers tool like the yellow and orange papers in the bottom image here.. The blue collage papers with the alphabets is done with Nevr Dull and stencils, which is where we are headed today.

I wanted to show the collage sketchbook as a reference  point in working on a design or a compositional layout for a piece of art work.. in this example I've done this composition  a few times so I feel I know this and it becomes easier to trust my arrangement and judgment.. now for me thought sometimes I go and get bored of it and want to move on but I would like to work on a composition for the Season theme of the four season on the cradle board panels we will be working on.

Rains coming in a day in the studio/class room will feel great..

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