Friday, April 06, 2012

Last weeks class...

 We are doing a printing technique learned from Anne Bagby's newest DVD and we had great fun with it..never enough time though. Eve is pictured here.
 Sandy is adding acrylics and medium mixed together and rolling out the color on a quarry tile square purchased from the hardware store.
 Mary Beth is working with one of her own printing plates she made.
 And Carol is seeing how her plated worked..some great papers were made.
 Closers look at what's going on.
 Deli sheets painted with solid color and then printed on many times to create great patterns.
Here is a photo I slipped on with my assemblage piece on display at the Indian Prairie Public Library. I don't do as much assemblage but would love to get back into it soon..who different mind set to work in..not just 2-D..

Off to doing some stained tissue papers today...building up the palette to work out theme of Four Seasons on Clay boards.

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