Sunday, April 08, 2012

A new day and a renewal of the season

Virgina Blue Bells,  this morning the blue bells are opening and awaiting the sun that will come around shortly.  It's is Easter Morning and we all are waking up slowly around here. I remembers mornings of finding eggs and the kids eating their candy for breakfast between the hard boiled colored eggs.  Even the four legged loves got a egg this Hank would have ate the whole carton of them..and Carl he gently carried his around before Hank got it when he laid it down..had to go peel another one.

We will be spending the afternoon with my Husbands side of the family. My step mom and dad came in yesterday and we visited in the morning which was very nice.

All the activity lately I've had a hard time making the papers the way I normal do but I'm getting it done...early this morning I went up stairs to the studio and made some paper for a good two was all quiet and peace full me with my hands covered in paint and before I new it my drying rack was full,  I'll try to get up there again before the holiday meal time..

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Holiday season..and Happy Spring! 

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