Friday, April 13, 2012

Artist date yesterday and last day at the High School

Looking at the morning paper yesterday I always check out the Arts and Entertainment section, they have a list of different exhibits, museums, shows etc.  This show caught my eye.  Call me crazy but I love clothes hanging on the line, which soon I'll be working with a group of people and we will be hanging prayer flags on a line out in front of the LaGrange Art League. Then to see this exhibit has to deal with the healing of the woman that also seen combat and their own personal hell of being rape and abused by their comrades...Emotional,  I've not been raped or abused so I can only observe their experience through their art.  What's wild is try to share this exhibit with some one like a family member and share what you seen and how you were effected and it's like taboo...A subject matter that people don't want to listen or hear about...and that's what these woman what most is someone to listen to judgement.  it's a messed up world we live in.. I'm personal grateful these woman had this opportunity to start to heal.  The exhibit is called Overlooked/ Lookedover  At the end of the museum there was a room that had the boots hanging from the ceiling..Prayer boots, anyone was invited to write a prayer for the soldiers still active in duty and place your prayer in the boot.  So I couldn't pass it up had to write a prayer too.

I came home and cleaned my studio..was very moved by this exhibit.. and my artist date.

Now today is my last day working with the High School students at Riverside Brookfield High School. Im not feeling up to par either so I hope I can make it through the good part of the day till at lest 1:30 then home I go.. We've had a nasty cold hit a few in the home so I due for it..


  1. What an awesome artist date ! This display looks so moving just from here on the screen. It must have been amazing to see hung in the gallery.
    I have been cleaning the studio too today. In the hopes that the muses will resettle and guide me a little. May just have to make some painted papers or something to get the juices flowing...
    Wishing you a wonderful, creative and inspiring weekend, Laura !

  2. Always helps as of get the body moving and the rest will follow.

    Yes this exhibit is making a impact on me it's touch a few heart strings.


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