Monday, April 23, 2012

An Artist Date in the Woods

 There is a bend that is really tight and the water rushes around it each time I come out here to hike in the Fullerburg woods which isn't often, but I treated myself to a different view today.  I see the left over of the rushing waters and what is picked up or dumped in as you can see it old liquored bottles and plastic...funny how that's what is eating way at our society and here is the evidence in our waters and streams...I don't mean to pick on anyone by showing this and saying it but it's so bold and in my face it was the first words that popped in when I saw this as I looked over.
 Here on the other side of this damned up place is a big tree that was effected by the flow of water. Pretty powerful stuff.

 The Fullersburg Wood is connected to the Graue Mill and the waterfall there. 
I've made this a screen saver for my lap top.

Well I finally make it up to my studio and see that Sophie our Cat had a hay day with my roll of paper towels...kind of hard to use them when there's tons of holes.

Here is Hank...I took him and Carl out for a good run around the park and then Hank got a 2 1/2 mile walk around the neighbor..he's still got a lot of puppy energy that needs to be burned off or he gets to be pest.

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  1. Walking the woods. Therapy at its best.

    That roll of paper towel? You're looking at it all wrong! Your cat was creating art in the studio while you were gone! ha ha ha ha


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