Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Up early

OK I won't say how early I woke up this morning...was stuck in a mindful of wrestling. Not normal for me...I believe it was the indulgent in sugar and chocolate after dinner..which I usually don't have to that extent.  I did go to bed at around 8:30 too so a combination of things. And then I went and allow myself the moment to look at the calendar and see what the month had and into the next...lost it then the fast pace hurry of the overwhelmed feeling that I've got to do it all today jump in...I top of it my 55 gallon fish tank needs a good cleaning again. I've got it down to a good science but it means no matter what I get wet...but my house plants love me.

I've gotten all my email lists and address updated and I'm ready to launch Tack Down Tuesday this morning and move on to the next things...

The balance of it all is always a challenge...Especially when you love both lives.. One though I feel I have to put a face on for, sounds odd to say it but after chatting with a few artist and non artist some might call it a game face and attitude you need... Or should I say to preform and present with.. Not complaining just stating a fact...And then the other life one lives of their private or the grounding, coming and being home and centered...When one talks about living in two worlds I feel that regularly.  It's been way to many days away from my walking in the woods and with my dogs..so that is the number one place I'll be centering my energy at and then the next is a good lot of studio time. Not procrastinating on at all it's just that I've been so busy with the classes, workshops and demo's it takes a few days to get center again...I try really hard to carry it with me the peace in side that I gain in the private life and not allow it to slip in...but I really think it's a tough one to do and I have to surrendered to it and regroup and reconnect all the time which isn't the easiest but I do know how to do it for myself and when I need to. Could be consider like a junk knowing they need a fix, but I think I know the differnce in that one.

I'm also done with The book Walking in this World and ready to move on to the next one..not sure yet as I'm waiting for a group on line to catch up first...so I'll have to find something else to read in the morning...Funny how hard it is to get a routine going and really use it and when it's gone or done as this is for me the book...I'm feeling a bit lost but I know not to long I'll find my way and again.

Well best go launch Tack Down Tuesday and get a move on the day...going to take the dogs to the park this morning and then a walk in the woods with myself is what good medicine is all about..


  1. Oh Laura - Your life makes mine feel calm. I love how you list things; you know I love lists - and oh yes, your thoughts have to be so organized or you're lost, I know. Well, what is the next book - The Vein of Gold? I see that one on my shelf!

  2. Well I seem to be on a straight line would like to finish it with the last one Finding Water as she kind of wrote them all to be together which I have..waiting till the artist way on line group gets caught up though..we are on week 8 know so I figure about a month or so... I went ahead at holiday time...seemed I need to keep my head straight and this always helps me do just that.


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