Sunday, March 04, 2012

Sunday morning

I just finished the book Walking in this World by Julia Cameron but I wanted to share the last part with you all..

Julia shares...
I would like to end this book on a grace note; that is to say I would like to acknowledge the place of grace in the making of art and artists. It is a great grace that we are born creative beings. It is a great grace that we access that creativity. although you man language it differently, all creators feel the hand of the Great Creator touching them through their work. Art is a spiritual practice. We may not an need not, do it perfectly. But we do need to do it. It is my belief that the making of art makes us more fully human. In becoming more fully human, we become more fully divine, touching in our finite way and infinite spark with in each of us. Focused on our art, we connect to the artful heart of all life. The creative pulse that moves through us moves through all of creation. It could be argued that creativity is a form of prayer, a form of thankfulness and recognition of all we have to be thankful for, walking in this world.

 Sitting here this morning in a state of grace watching the large snow flakes fall on the ground is really beautiful. I'm still in my pj's and easing into the morning hour thinking about the grounding homestead chores I have to do and being grateful I have a home, family that is well and moving independently on with their own lives...Odd as it is and as old as they are our children/young adults in their twenties it's a wonderful thing...We have one house rule that we like to stick to and that's all has to be home by 2:30  at the latest otherwise their doing there things...some might say they have to move out and should be moved out by now but with the way things our it works for us...and I'm really grateful it does...I barely see them but when I do the need to share about our day is strong and we/husband and I are learning new skills about listening...and it's know compared to telling what to do with their lives we are witnessing their growth in ways we never expected and I'm awe struck by it..and proud of them.

Well I have a demonstration to preform or present at Oak Park Art League  with the Dillman's Clan and need to be ready to go at best be busting the move thing again and with grace.

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