Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stimulated with images of the dome

 The stained glass was astonishing, I was totally taken by this dome. I know there's a rich history to this because everyone you walked on the floor there were 1inch tiles...the labor and love that went into this build where the Chicago Cultural Center is really shows.  There were tours going on which would have been fun to join in but I was there for another reason.
 As I went to the fifth floor for one the workshop sessions I realized that this was the top of the dome. To wild, what things excite me.
And I couldn't make it to one of the workshop session cause it was packed so I started to sit in on another one but just could grasp their way of doing things so I politely walked out..I was in the back of the room so it didn't make too much of scene.  When I looked out the window thought this is what I saw and that was first is was kind of cool to see buildings this big right up in your face but that didn't last long as I quickly thought of the woods.. Oh I need to see nature all around me as much as possible..

The drive in was nice and smooth and the drive back the same so I really had a great artist date.  I'll have to gather my notes and thoughts for a bit of reflection and share later.  I was going to pull out the art yesterday but on a last minute whim I decided to do the little road trip in to the city and I almost forgot to mention I ran into one of my students from a workshop..that was a great surprise...I've forgotten her name..which is a bummer but we both recognized each other right away.. Hope she had a good time too.

So a bit of computer this morning and then catch up on some homestead chores and pull out the art and get is graphed out where I'm going to hang what at the Indian Prairie Public Library.

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  1. That truly is a beautiful building! A real treasure! Love to wander in there once in awhile. I didn't know what was happening there yesterday or I might have gone!


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