Sunday, March 18, 2012

One flower bed, and Papermaking Tent is up

 Here is the small patio area the husband laid out for me a few years back and my Bee Balm and tall grass with some yucca are all coming in nicely..had to control the chives...they took over the whole back sections.  See my senior four legged love there..Carl  he's a mixed terrier and I'm finally thinking he's got pointer in him and beagle..well he's our faithful guy..will follow you any were.. as long as he can do his smelling and soaking in the scents...
 this is a view of the one section I started with and then needed stop and got get some yard waste bags to put everything in...they will let you burn but I dont' want to smoke my neighbors out with the leave I also get rid of the weeds...the mulch up the yard waste bags and give them to the framers in the area to put on there fields and till in for a new season of crops.  Recycling...I just have to pitch a few bucks per bag..that's all.
 There the area is cleaned up and ready for the tent...Dang it's a heavy one..losing my strength,  but glad I had a dolly roll it over on  it's not so much that I can carry it's my hands this past winter that have been speaking loudly and locking up.. scary but changing food diet and it's seems to be helping in one week.. another story..
 Your can see my neighbors yard and his old shed...Hey it works..right.. this is the skeleton of the old Craft hut tent I bought from Joyce Leas about 8 years ago..darn thing is still standing strong.. Had to stitch up the Velcro in spots but still working.
 tops on..Legs are raised up and waiting for the sides to zip on.  Right after I put the top on I had a group of crows come over and start cawing away.. swooping around, if not already the crow have their mates but if now the young ones are showing off for suitable mates this season.. it was welcome either way as I just felt so at peace to be out side and thinking of the paper I'll be making.. I've not had the tent up in two years...don't know what kind of paper I'll be making but it doesn't matter.
 There's the big boy all relaxed and laying in the shade..see my little table there to the right it's a saw table legs with a board on it I use my camping stove to cook up the plant fibers on it...I have two stove now..One from my cousin.. to use this year..
 See our neighbor Kevin has a tent thing too. I have to tie down the tent with rope and dog ties in the ground and to the fence...extra precaution that's all don't want it blowing away..

There's Hank..he'll be two on July 5th and still has a bit of growing to do.. got a bit of good Hank slobber on himself..

Can't believe all that I did lest 6 hours of flower bed cleaning and raising the tent today...when I set my mind to something look out...everyone was gone working and husband was putting on new struts to his our oldest daughter car  and now is on a chopper ride...he deserves it..hard worker and a hard player..


  1. WOW, Laura! Really lookin' good! "Hi" Carl and Hank!

  2. Hi April...Thanks for stopping by!


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