Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One day at a time

Each day this week is a new venture...as of Yesterday I visited the Riverside Brookfield Head of the Art department and we chatted about where I'm to go, the supplies and what is expected of me and what I'll provide...Very cool...so I've got to get back to working on a better lay-out of the residency and decided what piece I'm donating to them for the walls...as they are staring something new, there are only 4 piece up there now but hope to have the long hall way filled some day of artwork from the residency artists and students.   I'm excited..but unsure but ready to give it a go..

And today I meet with a Contemporary Art Curator and she's going to see a few of my bigger pieces and we will talk with another artist doing this and see how this might be a good fit or not...if so work would be going to a Arlington Heights Designers warehouse to be seen with all the other merchandise the designers pick from...A whole new playing field for me..

and tomorrow I try out a new photographer for shooting my artwork..go to have them done professionally though I did them for along time myself they never were good enough to really see the detail.  

busy...busy...busy... but that's part of it...there are busy days in the studio and then busy days meeting people and setting up events and opportunities. 

Oh I did receive notice that I was chosen for a Gallery spot at the North Central College in the Libray Jan-Mar 2013  pretty cool..I'm excited.  deep breath and centering are called for to balance it all out..and a good tending to some flower beds and I'll be all good in the morning..

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