Friday, March 30, 2012

The love of the process

I'm amazed at the change...I have to share.. for the passed almost three weeks I've cleaned up my foods..or the fuel that gives me energy.  I have been eliminating the whites again and really eating as wholefoods as possible...if it's processed it's done very little and if it's a package items I make sure there's only about 5 ingredients on the list of items it made from and that I can pronounce too.
My energy level is amazing..and my focus on what I need to do is really good...I would get all fretty that about something anxiety was always at a high and that then gave way to eating what every calm me..the change is amazing... I could be on a high from it but I feel much better then before like I might have been carrying around some major toxins.... I did to a three day fast with morning green protein shakes and good multi vits. and some herbs too so not to worry the family...Oh my gosh mom what are you doing...I have to say it was a kind of inner spiritual experience.

What I've been learning is Sugar and the whites are something my body is not liking and the side effects have built up for a while..though I've been on and off this for hard to say totally away from it, it sneaks in when you lest expect it.. but this is what I learned. Eating Sugar and refined, high-glycemic-loaded carbohydrates (like bread, potatoes, sugar and white rice, all of which raise you blood sugar quickly) fuels the hormones that keep you appetite out of control.  And if you use high-fructose corn syrup these super-sugar quickly enters your bloodstream and trigger hormonal and chemical changes that make you feel even hungrier. 

And then there's the trans and hydrogenated fats...these are man made fats and are completely foreign to our biology.. They are very toxic and inflammatory. 

Well just sharing this I can relate t the toxic and inflammatory and hormonal changes.. by making changes like this which is not easy after living a good 40 years this way there are old habits to change like eating before bedtime...some how I was taught that a full belly helped you to sleep..not's not good to eat anything for at lest three hours before's been hard for me to change this...but I have to say I have noticed the change and it's for the good. Being aware of myself and my thinking and not so emotional has been a world of wonder for me.. especially at my age with a natural woman changing going on...

Well now that you probably already new this stuff I'm just learning a bit more and using it for a change.. and being the change I want to become as Gandhi says.

The Storm hasn't lasted long and has blown over, we may have a few sprinkles left but class today is printing...I'm so excited about's the process and making the papers that I just have such a great time doing.. you know like making a few loaves a bread from scratch and the mixing, with flour every where and the smell and rolling of the bread dough, then you let it raise and it's still an amazement for me..The Love of the Process.. 


  1. So glad you're sticking with that diet change. You really taste food when you've gotten rid of those toxic fats. If we could get everyone to change their dietary indiscretions, commerce would change to fit healthier people. Whew. Wish I was at your printing class today.

  2. toxic fats and processed foods as much as possible.. sure helps.


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