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Last of the last section in Week 12 part 2

I'm continuing with the last part of Service...

As artists, we are intended to be conduits for inspiration. There is high thoughts and high intentions and higher realms that can speak to us and through us if we allow it. When our ego and our ego-driven fears are given a central place as regards our art, we have rolled a large boulder into our own way, and our career can not unfold unimpeded because it must divide to make its way with unnatural intensity velocity around the boulder settled in the stream of our good. On river and in the rivers of creative flow, such rapids are treacherous. We are far better served by being of service. 

Contemplating a piece of work you might ask, Whom is this work for? Whom will it serve? rather then how will it serve me...even starting a new business up one might ask what do people need what can I do that people need...for art work they don't always need it but is sure is a really nice thing if we can create it like that in some respects as when I'm creating a piece or series I might be think it would hang nice in a office or in a bathroom of someones house...the need for me is to create and then while I'm creating and joying the gifts of that I can't help but think about where that work might of new business seeks who would need their product.
Once we find a path for our work to be of service-even if that path is merely to create a wonderful  for a friend-then our work goes smoothly forward. It is not about us anymore.

Our fears are set aside every time we simply ask again, "How can I make this work more serviceable?

Director Steven Spielberg once remarked to an interviewer that he hoped at heaven's gate, God might say to him, "Steve, thanks for listening." This listening for inspirations, this willingness to align our creative will with a sense of higher guidance, is not contrary to a career but a better and more grounded way to establish one.  Artists who fail to deepen their goals and their ideas find that their careers run into a certain shallow sameness over time.

Right now I activated something of a dream or a goal of mine this year is to make a video, demonstrating what I do.. and wouldn't you know it I know some people that can do that...Oh theirs many out there that I could go to but I really do know someone that is in my face to face artist tribe group that is doing this...I toyed with the idea a few years ago and because a fear I dismissed it and now I asked her what she thought about rush I said but I activated it...and why is people are asking to know what I do...and they suggested to me again and again that I should make a the spark is light in that direction and I'm scared shit less to do but I'm taking a risk and asking for help..if it was me alone doing it I would pass but there are people out there that can and it's their service so getting it working it what's happening. rambling I know but connecting totally to this.

Back to this statement...Chekhov advised actors,.."If you want to work on your career work on you self."  It might equally be advised, if you wan to work on yourself, work to make you career of service to something  larger then yourself. Dedicate yourself to something or someone other then yourself. this is expansion will make you larger both as a person and as an artist.. right now as I type this out my deepest thoughts are about my dad, I know he's proud of me and my independence and all but I keep creating because of the long line of creative ones in the family of my grandfather build homes for people to help keep his boys (father and uncles) busy and out of trouble...but more then that my father and uncles have and had many gifts of service and I feel a strong lineages in keeping that creative going..

Again a long post...

We lost our proper understanding of art as service. We disenfranchised ourselves from our birthright as creators and we lost the understanding that art was an act of the soul and not of the ego. When ever we take art back to the realm of the sacred, whenever we make it an act of service in any form, if only to such an idea as beauty or truth or humanity, but perhaps better when it is more personable serviceable, we again experience the ease of creative flow and the lessening of our creative doubts.

When we make our art in a spirit of service, it lightens the burden of our ego. It makes for clarity of focus, purity of intent, and follows a spiritual law that might be simply stated as "form flows function."  When the "form" of our work is open to higher consciousness, it's function is raised as well.

Putting it differently, a piece of art may originate with us, but we originate somewhere larger ourselves. We are each of us more than we seem, more than the sum of our merely human components. There is a d divine spark animating each of us, and that divine spark animates our art. When we ask to be of service in our art, we fling open a window in our creative studio.  Through that opening, the greater world of inspiration can enter us. this is where I can relate to...the idea of Paper bundles, make your mark with the journals and now the creative prayer flags has come from...yes it's of service to bring attention to the LaGrange Art League...but it's also so much of bring people together and sharing some thing bigger then themselves. There are some that have frowned upon me for some of these projects but I know in my heart of hearts there is something I'm listening to that's guiding me and that's a lot stronger then a few frowning faces.. Mainly because of time it involves from my schedule but I do know this before I go into a project like I don't have to allow that words from a few to direct the traffic of many for a much more inspiring events.

Arguably, we are all in service to an artist greater than our own. Life itself works through us. When we elect to make art from a spirit of service to a larger whole, we are really simple becoming truthful.  

Task work on this last part...
Each of us carries an inner capacity for awe.. One of us will be wonderstuck by a musical sequence. Another of us is rendered humble and serene by the sight of a butterfly wing. Each one of these gateways to the divine is there waiting for us to use it to make contact. There are some things that simply make us Happy, some things that we plainly and for no apparent reason love. for this reason we say, "God is in the details."  Purchase an artist toy for going to a children book store and if you like dinosaurs then purchase a book about them...I remember doing this a long time ago and I have a collection of children's book about animals one that caught my eye and still does is about a beaver named Echo..and how the an echo works across the lake...thought that was beautifully illustrated and to stand at the edge of a lake and yell out or whistle what happens is awe striking to me..
Julia shares...Let yourself celebrate what you love an that you are a person who loves it. As you connect to the childlike part of you that loves and enjoys the material world, you are connection to a sense Aristotle had when he remarked. "in all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"  Allow yourself to marvel..

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