Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Monday on to a new week

I love the mornings and now that spring is here...well not officially but this week it will be it's a great feeling of renewal... What's wild is I'm to sore from all the outdoor activity I was doing which makes me feel great. I have a hand issue as some stiffness and locking up but that seem to be doing better as I work it more.. Not accepting the old Arther in my life yet...pretending it's not there. I just love it when you set a plan in motion and you can accomplish it..Not always does that happen as some times life gets in the way and plans are shot of the ball park and you left with dealing with life right then and there... but grateful all went well.  Now I've not pulled out any papermaking stuff yet, I've got a few weeks to let go by before I do of other commitments going on to handle first..but it sure feels good to have it up. 

Now today I was asked a few months ago to do a small residency in a local High School and it's right by the Zoo...hmm some day a artist date will be calling. But for today I will meet the teacher and see the space and set up a game plan for how we will work together on this.. I'm all excited to that's two times I've visited High Schools in this month..hmmm somethings happening...or not but it's sure is a gas to visit them..lockers on the walls and being in the art rooms...I'm a happy camper.

Well best be getting on going on the day..

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