Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heading to the woods first before the list grows.

I'm preparing for the workshop this weekend with Addison Artist Guild at the Addison Highschool and can feel my excitiment rising...I've got papers pre pared for them because time is only 3 hours but I would like them to get a taste of it...  and I've got to get moving on a few more piece for The Flying Pig..got a challenge coming up as of finishing them, getting ready for solo show at the Darien, Indian Prairie Library just down the street from my home and preparing also for a Riverside Brookfield Highschool Resdensicy.. which is all so exciting..I did this for our Hinsdale South Highschool a while back and the work was amazing from the students. 

so off to tend to some good hard playing around and a bit of work.. but first I'm walking in the woods.

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