Thursday, March 15, 2012

Finding out more about a new direction

Well with the way things are going I'm cautious and rightly so.. The Visual Poet Society which is headed by Art Curator Melissa Rasmussen is a young company and only a few other artist she representing but she's a go getter.  So I've asked for a grace period so I can think about and see if this is a good fit...Which has given me time to chat with a few people about this venture...a two year venture that is..The design company and places she would be working with is C.A. I. Designs They have a place in Arlington Heights and Chicago in the Mart and I think out in Colorado... with the load of many events and workshops I'm heading into that means I've got to put a bit more elbow grease into everything.. 

After Dinner last night I decided to go up to the studio and cut my mats..but before I could do that I had to change the backing board on my mat cutter wall unit and then change the blade it cuts like butter.  So away I went and cut the mats..and the foam core backing boards, next the class and framing day will start...but first it's getting the packet together..I've got piles of stuff all over the place...trying to say focus on one things isn't possible these small steps in many directions is where it's at.

Had a bit of a time helping the gals out with blogging.. first off we couldn't get on to the area we wanted...Oh's so cool but it can be such a big after we got over the hump we ran into we made it the the point where everyone could get it.. Still  have to show a few others so we can all be connected to a blog and because life has her changes the face to face artist tribe networking group I belong to has a bit harder time staying now we can see and hear what everyone is doing faster... The hardest part is getting a google account than you can got to blogger...I've been blogging for sometime and had forgotten about that.. oh the things you can still learn.

I need to head to the Wheaton to pick up my piece from the other artist house...and then stop and pick up some canvases for a new project in mind...Oh God help me know... Ok so time again to bust a move.

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