Friday, March 23, 2012

Class starts today-Printing and Collage-LaGrange Art League

I some how took a day off from posting biggie it's just become a routine to post every day and when you don' feels odd.  So I was on the computer but spent my time writing up the agenda for the High school class I'm going into residency next month..Oh I pray this all works out...three different class and sizes..oh I'm sure there will be some adjustment to it all.  I've worked with one class in our local High school when my kido's were there but this will be a challenge..Heck I love a good challenge...that's way it took me a while to put the agenda or lets say the curriculum together for my time period there. 

And then the day had a mind of it's own and before I knew it was evening but all good stuff. I tried out a new photographer to take picture of my work and I'm like it..I will have to take the images to the printing place I go to and see how they look in print then that will be the best test. 

Oh I remember now I did do some more yard work in the evening and pinched some in my today I'm still feeling the muscle talking but nothing to serious..just to be more gentler on myself.. I get going and think I'm some gardening she gorilla.

I spent the day in the woods well the a good portion of the afternoon...they just finished a woods burn out there and you could feel the heat coming up from it even though the fire was out.. all good for the woods as it's a natural thing to have areas in the prairie know in fact my daughter did some research about the able to use the tall grass plants for another resource of fuel... sidetracked there, but it was a wonderful time any way.   I've been seeing the blood root, spring beauties, Virginia water leaf and of course the garlic mustered that goes crazily all over the place.  No deer though during the hottest time of day...their not silly and the apply supply of greens is there so they don't have to forage so is a bit easier for them this year.

When I got back from the walk a good health wholefood lunch, of quinoia wild rice, fresh yellow squash, mango's, black beans and a kohlrabi and golden apple then right up to the studio to pack up for class today.. I'm excited because we will be printing and stamping from our own plates and odd found objects...I love the process of making papers, hand made to the found recycled ones that we will be doing today.. made some plates too.  Well not much time this morning best get a move...first day want to get things set up in class.

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