Thursday, March 08, 2012

Accepted for a Banner

Change in the Air
A Tack Down Tuesday image I submitted for a Banner design was accepted.  Waiting to hear back where I should send correct image size...but how cool is that?  I really do like this piece,  the city grunge look to it.  There is collage papers and about 4 image transfers on top of each other..

And this piece made from a Desk Drawer as a frame and the art work is on the canvas secured to the desk drawer and piece where picked up as I walked the streets and alley ways of down town LaGrange...You see this piece was created a while back as Robert Rauschenberg did...He would start a piece and then go for a walk and pick up trash and discard junk and apply it to his canvas waiting in the studio.. So I'll be dropping this off for a added piece in the Addison Center for the Fine Arts. They needed an extra piece to fill a spot open on the wall. How fitting that I had this piece for it.

this is Robert Rauschenberg's piece Called, Satellite, 1955.


  1. Congrats on the banner (love the blacks and greys~~my kind of piece!) and also love finding the desk drawer and using it for the collage frame.
    I am quickly learning the beauty of *junk* and drag home much more than I should.
    Ah well.... :-) is good!


  2. Oh Anne I have a walk in closet full of good junk in my wonderous glory day I'll be creating with it too.

    I'm still trying to find out if I get a banner...but if not it was still a great thing to be picked.

  3. How funny, Laura! For some reason unknown to only my subconscious I wanted to look up the meaning of "crows" in art! The first site I opened was yours...I just took your collage workshop two weeks ago, and now you have gotten a piece of art with a crow on it into a show! One reason I was wondering, is because I mentioned to a friend as we looked at an exhibit, that I always like pictures/paintings with crows and moons. She looked at me and said "What are you, a witch!?" Somehow, crows have never been ominous to me??

  4. I meant,known only to my subconscious!


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