Thursday, February 16, 2012

Woods medicine

Been spending longer and longer time in the woods...seems to be the friend right now I need. the air so fresh and not a lot of human forms around...the ones that past by are of a cheerful nature and delight to say hi.. Forest rangers had to cut down a really old and large tree as it had some issue that could have caused some problems later for the trail and people. I asked the Forest Ranger that came back out there what was the reason for cutting it down and he said it was unsafe.  Then I said it was a big old tree..and the Forest Ranger said over 200 years old...amazing to me to be 200 years old what that tree witness through it's life..

The bucks are out there wandering around in groups...the Does and young fawns from the past spring are gathered in other the group together at lest till it time for the new fawns to come in the spring of this year. 

I've been walking with my walking poles which really add to the upper body and keeps you walking straight..I feel very refreshed after my walks.

I had to take Hank-black great dane into the Vet Tuesday night...seems he has caught some kind of eye infection...darn dog parks...he love to run and rump around with the other dogs but that means he can catch sickness from all the other not going there for a while till he's healthier...

I've been working with af ew things lately and need to keep the fire going...I've been OK'd by the gallery in Wisconsin to proceed with an idea I have on some work to send up..(means I need to bust a move) I set a time limit of end of March to have the work done and with the load of classes and workshops this gal is going into hiding for away or lest in to the studio a bit more...I need that counter balance with the walking in the woods..a place that I can sort my thoughts and ideas...

Well moving forward at a good speed and making progress.


  1. Looks like you have found more than just medecine for what ails you in those woods - looks like you have found an elixir of well being.
    Enjoy the journey...

  2. Always do honey!


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