Friday, February 10, 2012

Went to far on this one....

Well I made a mess of things...well of a piece I was working on for my class today. not bad but not where I had started with the piece.. You see the Free flow mixed media collage style I'm teaching in my class is to be done spontaneously and when I do them it happens but when I stop I then have the hardest time to come back into the moment you had while you started...

here is what I did yesterday in the studio...I truly had a ball making the marks and paint smears...thinking it is nothing like what I've done before and nothing like I had started.  There is collage papers underneath pushed way behind and red was never in the picture from the start but yesterday is was in the moment.

Now this piece was created in one not that all art should be done this way but it is a wonderful way to loosen up a bit and be in the moment of creating.... hard for some easier for others..

I don't normal show piece that are working..some how I figure out what it needs and problem solve on it but if I didn't any more to the numbers one in the red and yellow color's it would be's good thought I feel to make pieces like this so you know where you went wrong and or to far..

The less is more concept works the I tell my class it's about the little party's doing on...Can you see it in this bottom piece...the main focal point and then there are little party's happening at different levels and areas so to move your eye around the piece...

well off to pack up and head to class.

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