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Moving forward in restlessness and insecutiy-part A

Seems funny to move forward though restlessness and insecurity but that's what I'm doing at lest in the week nine chapter of Walking in this World...I feel a bit like a lone traveler but that's been a life long event so nothing new...

Restlessness how does this having anything to do with creativity, art and myself...well lets find out.
For an artist, a bout with restlessness is best met with curiosity-not with the conclusion that your turn cranky character is surging to the fore. Irritability is the flag waved by restlessness. Restlessness means you are on the march creatively. The problem is, you may not know where. 

Switchbacks... I know them well in the woods..they serve a propose to help stop erosion going up or down a swaying or looping up though it my seem like a longer way then straight up but it saves from a deep gully that will not be a good path later on...does this make sense...don't know.

Restlessness is full of switchbacks, like a mountain trail. We feel one thing.  Then another. We reverse ourselves. I am full of energy and I have no energy, we think. I have no energy and I am full of energy...sounds a bit like me ....and a bit crazy too. We are a constrictions, North looks good and then south. Nothing feels right. Everything feels wrong. Under the weather-but not weather is find except for our own emotional weather, which is stormy. We are volatile and changeable. Of course we are, we are restless. We cannot depend on ourselves to see a course-fortunately, we don't have to.

It is a though our restlessness calls to the very heavens for "something" to happen. And something-or many somethings -does. This is why, as uncomfortable as it is as unpleasant, even unbearable-restlessness is a good omen.  If you visit the reptile house at the zoo as a storm is coming on, you will see the creatures slithering in agitated anticipation. They know a change is on the way. Being alert to the possibility of change opens our ears and eyes to receive psychic signals more often and more quickly. Irritated, restless, ready for change, we snap, "Goddammit!" What is it?"

When we are restless and our lives feel colorless, it is a clue and  a cue that they are about to become colorful-if we cooperate. Prayers and especially creative prayers, are answered, but answered in way we may not anticipate or appreciate. Again, this is why artists speak that spiritual-sounding word-inspiration.

As artists, we Are irrationally, intuitively, and insistently inspired.

Something magical is underfoot....
Julia shares is is my experience that when we are willing to be irrational and intuitive even when we despise those words-we are rewarded by promptings, callings that come to us from some mysterious and deft sources that guide and encourage us toward what might best be called destiny.

When we insist on routine, when we insist on linearity, destiny will still knock, but it may have to work harder to get our attention. In my experience, destiny is willing to work very hard indeed-we are the ones who turn a blind eye, a deaf ear. We mire ourselves in a nasty mood and in our preconceptions about how change must come to us. We think, "it will have to be A or B or C.

Inner Malcontent actually triggers outer change-if we are willing to listen to our malcontent with open mind and listen to what will feel like a way of irrational promptings. Those oddball hare brained, nonlinear, and screwball itches, hunches and urges are the path through the briar patch. Flow your strange creative cravings and you will be led into change a step at a time. I cannot prove this to you, not would I Julia shares...This is an experiment you must do for yourself and with yourself. You will never trust an unseen benevolent partnering from higher realms unless you experience it for yourself and by yourself. 

When we acknowledge the right of mystery to intercept and direct us, we acknowledge the larger issue that life is a spiritual dance and that our unseen partner has steps to teach us if we will allow ourselves to be led.  The next time you are restless, remind yourself it is the universe asking "Shall we Dance?" 

Despite all this that I've posted about what I'm gathering the most out of the whole book is how you can change your thinking to the positive and when you do that it opens new doors...but staying in that positive realm is the challenge and knowing your on a "trust walk of life," "follow you bliss," " Just do it,"  " Leap and the net will appear,"  kind of thinking..

Task work on this section is to visit some places that you can spend some restful places to find a five minute, plant/greenhouse, forest, carpet store, or a travel place. 

On to Insecurity next post...

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