Thursday, February 02, 2012

A little of this and a little of that...

It was much needed a day of play and tending to my heart and I headed to the woods...the path was a bit slippery in some places but you just sway off a bit and then keep on going...Saw a group of doe's and fawns together about 11 of was a beautiful site.

I was sharing with a student the other day about the way the weather was and she shared that there might be a insect problem this year as many of them haven't died off because of the frost time we are lacking this year...and the husband shared that the worms are at the surface so they know more then we do about what's going on...and what about the Sand Hill Cranes  migrating so late this year around mid December ?

All I know is in the area here we are effected by our environment and when the weather is a bit off for the season like it is we are tossed for a free for all as to say...Weird stuff from people are creeping out.
I have to say even myself...I can feel a certain imbalance...  so with that it's a stronger need to get balanced and how do you do that?  for me it's the walking in the always has a way of centering me and calming me important with the daily unknown of hormonal changes too, that go on at my heading back out there today..

What I am actually saying is that we each need to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly.  Shakti Gawain.

Well to continue on with week 8 in Walking in this World it's is fitting that I fall upon this week when I do..Velocity and Vulnerability as the section topic.

Velocity-Rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness.
Vulnerability- being open to hurt.

Julia shares: When you life changes speed, it is often difficult to discern what is a genuine opportunity and what, on closer inspection is an opportunity for someone else at your expense.
she shares about "Piggybacking or piggybackers"

Piggybackers have a project they want to attach to your name, fame, reputation, and energy, and they seldom say "you could really help me," Which would give you a chance to think about it on a clear level.  Instead they say I could really help you"

Gosh I feel like a piggybacker with the art tribe group-as of I seem to go to the meetings just gather information and feel like I'm always taking...funny thing..when you read something I wonder and I probably shouldn't be wondering so much...get caught up in the head and start circle the wagons for no reason..

more from the book, Piggybackers do not really care what your actual goal is. They care about harnessing your time, energy, and expertise to pursue goals of their own.  Well I have to say I really just gather mostly when I'm in a situation where information is being passed around, I gather it and see if would work for me or not...and not that I harnessed on anyone or take their time and energy...that I feel I'm doing...I do know how that feels when someone goes and kind of makes plans for you and doesn't ask and then just fits you in for their needs  and you feel stuck and can't get out of it.  a bit of resentment builds up and then I end up behaving terrible towards that person...crazy I know but things happen and we go and get caught up into things and hate to say no...people pleasing mode...afraid of hurting someones feelings..blah..blah.. blah.

Julia shares: As an artist, some risks are worth taking and some risks are not. This is not snobbery. this is not exclusivity. This is discretion, discernment and accountability to ourselves and our gifts.

The phrase "more trouble than it is worth"  is something to ask about any venture. Or as a friend of mine would say and says often..."does this serve me well?" 

As artist, we must learn to stick to our art/life and not sticky situations. As artists, we are open in a way that differs from many people's, so we are very vulnerable at being caught off guard.. which I relate to...if I would only just tell myself to stop and think first before I would say yes to somethings...or I've gotten kind good at saying, "I'll have to check my schedule and get back to you"  but inside I need to also ask..."will this serve Me well"  selfish as it sounds, I'm am the one that has to be present in the situations I said yes to and if I can't be? then it's best to pass on that event, situation or need from someone else."  As Julia comments...Caught off center and off guard, we might agree to help someone do something that takes us far from our own work and priorities. Anytime you career/life shifts gears into something faster, think of what happens when you are driving a car: The shift from fifty-five to sixty-five is often the difference between seeing and enjoying the scenery and whizzing past things, saying, "was that a gas station I just passed or a convenience store?  Did I miss the exit?"   here I know I have to watch out for things that get pointed out as of what I should be doing...I'm always doing all by myself....which is wonderful as to be self motivated, and I really don't seem to let or allow piggybackers to latch on long enough...but what I do see if because of my own forward movement I sometimes...whiz by all by myself..and question what was that?? and yes did I miss the exit?

Again this whole book "Walking in this World" is about The Practical art of creativity.
So "how do we get there" As artists the "there" we are trying to get to is the work we can respect ourselves for and hopefully be respected for. Fame and hoopla are diversions and after an expensive one, if someone-say, your agent or manger-is constantly calling you with opportunities that may serve them but not you, you will lose you focus, stop seeing clearly, and miss you opportunity to take a route through your own career that you important to remember"

Facts are sober. Reassurances are not. Facts are what we are after in sorting the difference between an opportunist and an opportunity.  blunt and truthful right now is the opportunity to work at teaching classes and workshops is where this girl is lately verses...area's that sound good but really are not a for sure thing...well classes and workshop aren't really a for sure thing either as you/teacher/artist get all ready and do the promoting as such and sit and wait to see if you have a class or fishing is what I say get all ready bait on the hook and then wait... verses ideas from someone else that latches on to you for their personal needs and saps you of your energy and really not as much a guarantee there... rambling... but in the line of work I do there really is no guarantee at all... so you do take risks but best be from you own judgement verse relying on someone else and getting washed up in that..

Discernment is a combination of gut instinct and little careful reportorial work.  As artist, we must be alert not only to our lucky breaks but also to our unlucky choices. We must learn when and how -pull the plug on people and ventures that do not serve our authentic goals and aspirations. All too often, the big chance" offered us by another may be a big chance to be used.

OK this was written for me I feel or I surely need to read this today...

Speed creates an illusion of invincibility. We hurry thought our days numbing ourselves to the deeper flow our our lives. We feel shallow and push ourselves to live harder when what we need is to live more deeply and quietly. A potent mantra for calming down is to repeat to yourself this phase" There are not emergencies." If there are not emergencies in your life, what situation could you allow to unfold gently?  

We want to force our own growth like hothouse plants rather than allowing situations-and ourselves- to ripen. 

"Easy does it" actually means "Easy accomplishes it"

OK I'm getting the message...

No one person, place, or situation benefits from our harried pushing forward. Everything and everyone benefits from our slowing down-letting go and letting God-so that natural pace and progression can be discovered. 

A phrase from the drug culture, "Speed Kills"  warns us of the danger of too much velocity.  Move in a human and humane pace.  We elect that pace every time we slow down to gather a-feel-our strength. 

wow....I need to go walking now....


  1. I think this was written for me...a peek into my last year.
    Yes, there are always people who want to *get you involved* and at your (my) cost. Sometimes they're easy to see and sometimes it's so smooth you're in it knee deep before you know what hit you.
    Been there.
    More than once.
    And not going back. From here on, no matter how harsh it sounds, the question "Is this in my best interest?" has to be answered YES before I proceed.
    Otherwise, I stay in the studio making what I know is right for me....
    Rambling..... <:-)


  2. Two things kept ringing in my own head as I read this. One is, I have let some piggybackers into my life and wanting to please them and get that recognition, has brought me to places that I don't want to be at times.
    And secondly, I am learning that I need to listen to my own internal rhythms, or "adopt the pace of nature", more and more in this crazy, speedy world.
    Great post ! Happ Woodland journeys, Wise One !

  3. Thank you both ladies...wonderful comments..


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