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The good of getting better

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The Good of Getting Better
As Artists, we are not interested merely in expressing ourselves; that realm may belong to therapy. We are interested in expressing ourselves more and more accurately, more and more beautifully.

Wanting to bloom where we are planted, we may seek our local teachers and either get lucky or experience an inner certainty that they are cramped in their creative calling and that they in turn can cramp us.   Not wanting to be egotistical, many students stay too long at the fair, studying with teachers whom they have outgrown, often experiencing an uncomfortable creative constriction that manifest as teacher-student tension, even competition, that cannot often be directly addressed. How do we say "You see, I think I have out grown you"? Often we say it best by simply thanking our mentor for time an talent given-then moving on.

Not so much with teachers as with area groups I become involved in there is a stifling that I feel going on for myself and like the group is going one directions and I'm being lead to go in another direction and when I do follow the gut...I get the tension and the inner fighting going on which then seeps out through cracks and creases of my life...and if I take the time to really look at where it's coming from I can pin point it...but the walking away seems so each but when you form relationships with some people its hard to just walk away...

Just as excellent teacher can strengthen and clarify an artist, a bad teacher can damage, muffle and muddy an artist.  As a teach of collage and mixed media, I see some of my student ready to venture out and explore new medium and are eager to learn...I would had to hold them back...I'm not meant to keep any student longer then need be...everyone is free to walk away when ever.. Especially when the inner gut is calling for it..

Freed from outer influences, they may incubate and develop a strikingly original style. That's the good part. Freed from outer influences, they may also hit an artificially low ceiling, having take their work as far as they can without further input.

I've heard often enough that I don't create anything unless I take a class...class make you show up and be accountable to something.. For me it's a bit different I give myself assignments...and it pushes me forward to see what will happen..but I do need new influences going on or coming in to keep me stimulated.

Authentic growth, however, is the goal and that will not occur if we enroll ourselves in classes and curriculum that are themselves stagnant, stifling, or simply inadequate and ill advised.  We must be open to finding  our teachers and open to being teachable-while simultaneously holding and awareness of our equally valid, genuine perceptions and skills that must be protected. "When the Student is ready the teacher appears."

When we ask to be led, we are led. When we ask to be guided, we are guided. When we ask to be taught, we are taught. 

Guidance and generosity are always closer at had then we may think. 

While we are led to and drawn from teacher to teacher, opportunity to opportunity, the Great Creator remains the ultimate source of all of our creative good.

In the heart of God, all things are close at hand, and this means our creative help, support, and success. As we ask, believe, and are open to receive, we are gently led...

At this the task work.. where you to write out 5 lingering resentments, sore spots and sources of self pity regarding a lack of effective mentoring...

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