Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitting in some me time while I'm working.

 This you doe is standing there looking at me and not to afraid to run off. There was a buck off to the right behind me so this little one was keeping an eye out. If I would look down with my camera right now where I'm standing it is about 10 feet away that we are.
 As I went up about half a mile there was a buck that just crossed the path and I was able to pull out the phone camera and snap a picture. He was keeping an eye on me..
And here across from the buck was about 9 other deer grazing away on what every they could find. When I came back around I didn't see them till I walked past them and then the were all laying down just watching as us humans walked by..

So preparing for this weekend away I had been fitting in some walks in the woods...felt like all I was doing was packing and walking, but that's OK in my books as it helps me settle my anxiety about it all.

Now today I'm set up here in the hotel and yes have my wi fi going and checking my emails but I have to say I really enjoyed my walking around the frame shop, Traders Joe's and a learning express store with cool toys for kids and adults...found myself picking up a few things too. In about an hour I have to head over to the art center to set up for the workshop...dang I'm all excited..hope and praying it all works out and moves through smoothly...Which I'm sure it will and if it doesn't I'm sure Frankie will give a creative idea to how to work things out..
So I'll leave it at that and just enjoy the time in the hotel room and soak up the me time.


  1. Always fun to see wildlife. and I love Trader Joes! Have fun with your workshop. How is the doggie foot?

  2. sounds wonderful, Laura!

  3. I know you will be JUST FINE!!! :-)
    We all get the pre-jitters; it's good anxiety~~you're ready to go.
    Love the outdoors photos and amazing how the deer are so well camouflaged. Almost like Where's Waldo.....


  4. Jan, his foot is a sprang, on a 1/2 pill twice a day for a little pain and then I've got to walk him a bit more and lay off the food it will help his little body.

    April..thanks for stopping in..its so great to be walking and come up upon these beautiful creature...funny thing is they are as big as Hank...

    and always have the kinds words and thought for me...your such a dear.. And a matter of's been going great...working my student a lot but everyone is making some great papers..I'll remember my camera tomorrow and take some pictures.


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