Tuesday, January 24, 2012

working with a plate and printing collage papers

 Here is a plate that I made a while back for the class today...we are using a wide assortment of plates and homemade stamping materials to create collage papers to use in our work.  These papers here are a few of the sample ones I made..the concept on this papers is not to just print once it's about the multi layers added some up to 10 times.. You really let go of each layer you before.

Today I will add more with some stamping to the these piece. We used Deli sheet or dry wax sheets of paper there on the smaller side of 12 x 12 so it's great for using some 12 x 12 tiles for working off of from the local hardware store. 

This is learned from Anne Bagby's new DVD..   we added our own spin to things and there's some great papers being printed out.. Can't wait to see how everyone likes what they did...I know I was seeing some great papers.


  1. LOVE the letter plate. Yum!
    Looks like you are having loads of fun! Yay!

  2. I'm inspired Laura...thanks.

  3. You are giving me more good ideas for my own work, Laura. Always inspiring to stop by here and see what you are up to.

  4. Actually this papers will have more layers added to them some time soon...today I had 8 layers of printing on one deli sheet..kind of cool how with one cool layer over will push the rest and before you know you have a totally different paper then you started with..

    I do love to print!


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