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A sense of Personal Territory

Beginning statement in Walking in this World..
Saying yes to our creative selves may involve saying no to our significant others. This week focuses on boundaries. The essays and tasks aim at helping us to define our creative identities as opposed to our many other roles. Expect to feel heightened emotions as energy rebounds into your own court.

Saying yes to my creativity...setting some boundaries, identifying my roles and connecting with my emotional and passionate what I gather from reading the first section and the state here...funny how what you read locks in to what you as the individual may need and not necessarily speak to others all by the way you interrupt it..So here goes...Again I'm sharing the personal study of the Artist way books selfishly for my own understand because thats the way it sinks in for me as of I have to read it, sometimes hear it and write about it and then even do the note taking that I'm doing then becomes more concrete for me.

Julia shares....As artists, our sexual energy and our creative energy are very closely intertwined....When someone who ignites our creative imagination crosses oru path, that person is a "fuse lighter" Our creative engine kick over...We suddenly "come alive to the possiblitity." No sure if anyone has felt this kind of feeling but if you have you know it for sure...And I can say I've been there on many times. And confident I will feel it still more.  It's the feel of being in love. In a sense, we are in love and weare also in love with our own artist, who is suddenly mirrored back to us as exciting and adventurous, powerful, perhaps even dangerous.  Here's where I can relate big time...We experience more energy We bun the candle at both ends, staying up tlate to work on projects. Getting up early to grab an hour at the easel, like a stolen bout of lovemaking on teh way to work....A creative quickie. 

Julia shares..something that is very personal...Creative energies and sexual energy aer both our personal energies. Our use of them is provate, and to pretend otherwise is debilitating and abusive. She goes on to say...The two energies are so closely intertwined, they may be experienced as nearly identical...We conceive children and we conceive creative projects. Both energies are sacred.

Julia goes on to share about how important is to understand this in ourselves, and how so quickly it can be put the fuse burnt out and not able to light up. Hard to describe but I get it like this gal and guy really have a thing, very passionate and they loose themselves...that love/passion is so great but over time if they are not aware...the can or one of the partners could stifle the others energy by taming them or in kind words...overcaretake...Mother/father them to death...and the become indifferent-lack of importance to the personal energies they have in them...that's creative soul and personal passionate energy.  When I look at this way I feel to myself...why would I want to strip someone of this by over mothering them...that's a way of slowing killing another person with out even realizing your doing that...ouch that some heavy stuff there..

They can react with depression and also with rage.  Both as artists and as people, such demands can make us feel curiously desexualized, as if we are truly being neutered, castrated and used...Well that's some strong stuff there isn't to comprehend...but when you think about it, it make sense..and I'm sure I've done some of this overcaretaking in my life..I personal don't like to be CAGED for a better worked as of the feeling I grasp right away when this comes to mind.. Or because we have found that love in someone, the feeling she describes and we simple loose ourselves and let down our boundaries and become what they think we should be....the funny thing is that I personally can see this could happen to the best of us...crossing boundaries out of caretaking behavior the well meaning human being can give to another without even realizing they are doing it...

Here's a short story...Julia shares...A woman writer married to an omnivorously need partner was astounded to discover that after her divorce, both her creative energy and her sexual energy came springing back to live like a lioness waking up after years of medications and depression from living in a too-small Zoo Cage. As she sharply realized, creative and sexual energy are connected. Dampen our creative ardor and our sexual selves dampen as well. Dampen our sexual selves by demanding we over nurture and parentalize ourselves, and our creativity suffers.

Julia continues...does this mean we must sexualize all our relationships or creative collaborations? Emphatically, No. But it odes man that we must be alert to avoid those bonds and entanglements that neuter our exuberance, hence our sexuality and creativity.

In artist to artist relationships, both artists need to be nurtured and seen, Neither partner should be neutered or neutralize by excessive caretaking. 

OK this is great!...though you may not understand it for me where I'm at right now with a family of young 20 something still living in the home and a highly creative partner...we all have to be aware of boundaries of over care taking and identifying our roles...I personally understand and have seen many creative souls CAGED, which leads to other forms of coping with life ..and I do mean that...stifled into submission of the situation where by losing oneself and not being authentic...and it like watching a animal die before your eyes...I'm not claiming I'm perfect by far, but having this awareness in my own family is a blessing..I'm blamed now for not showing support in certain ways to my young adults but I've given them the gift to be free on their life/creative endeavors and encourage them as much as I can and that might be seen as lact of support but it was allowing them to grow take chances, fall and stumble and watched them pick them selves back up and then try again to see what they can accomplish and along the way I'm sure they have had the sense of this creative energy that is passionate in their's not there all the time and every day but it's there for them to seek...I watch other married couples and see how they dominate each other and I have to say I love my man in is rawest and rarest form of not being caged...I believe, he's my fuse/light my creative energies and I hope that I'm that for him... Which makes me feel very blessed in a corkie kind of way.. Well this was my take on Week five in Walking in this World and how I feel it fits into my life...I'm aware and know that Creative/sexual emotion when I making art and's so personal and so passionate, and it's for each of us to explore for ourselves..

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