Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year, New Game Plan

Simple guidelines to think about setting goals-from Feb 2010 Art Calendar/Professional Artists 

          It’s important to know your goals; goals direct and focus your activities.
  • How do you want this year to be different?
  • Think about business, product, marketing and sales. Perhaps you want to expand your client base, improve customer service, boost repeat sales, exhibit at more places or find gallery representation.
  • Goals should motivate you. The more important they are to you and the more you see real value in achieving the. The more likely you are to realize them. Be realistic so you can accomplish.
  • Begin each phrase with, I will not I hope to or I would like to. Also make sure there positive. 
  • If the list is a long one prioritize the items.
  • Goals are a lot easier to accomplish when there are tangible ways of measuring, so try to be as concrete as specific as possible.
  • Have self-meetings to see if you’re on track

So this was my guide for last year and I felt it was a great way to look at things even if you didn't want be starting or carrying on about a business of some sorts.

I have a nice load of things already marked up and started on the calendar, so I'm feeling that I don't need to add any more...I have the need to do some printing or should I say the call to play around with that and bring it into my work.
Intention for the New Year
The challenge will be to in the present and to be in a humble place. In order to be in a humble place that means I will have to seek out some good orderly direction.  I would like to combine all the different art styles/voices I’m working in and bring it to a centering place and create with them all on a years’ worth of new artwork. I would like to continue the Tack Down Tuesday’s series and post other art work/books/and handmade papers for sale on my blog. I would like to be continue towards my personal balance, inner peace and a spiritual practice which then carry's out in my art and life. And I would like to be comfortable in my own skin without censored thinking. Goal is to be my authentic self which I’m learning is a life long journey, and I’m fine with that. I would like to make handmade papers again. And work in my yard too. Darn, if there was only two of me.

So sticking with
                           I would like to.....continue my walking in the woods and with my dogs
                           I would like to.....clean my studio up and down size on somethings.
                           I would like to.....make handmade papers again in my back yard
                           I would like to.....Garden more and maybe put a stacking rock area in.
                           I would like to.....continue teaching, presenting workshops and demo-ing
                           I would like do some small travel weekends with the husband.
                           I would like present in each day "Seize the Day"
                           I would like to......know my young adults better.
                           I would like to......create a new body of work combining all the difference voices I
                                                         create with.
                           I would like to......continue my personal journey of introspectiveness.
                           I would like to make more handmade books and learn new ways. 
                           I would like assemblage in to my work also.

So with that all on my get started on something today...We have a family gathering and it should be a nice brother in a law turns 50...

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  1. What a great post! Motivation and direction. Good stuff!


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