Sunday, January 08, 2012

Moving on....

Yesterday had some good old fashion funny driving a long way to a Discount furniture store to look at a new Couch and some see the ones we have are about 8 years old...still in good working order but have been though a few kido's and dogs...that's the kind of people we are, we live in our home and live as we looked around and plopped our behinds down on a few couches and love seats we really didn't like much...but we came upon this black set that was leather or should I say fake leather..I think there is a name for that but it's hiding up in the old brain this morning.. Come to find out we have to wait if we want that wait is what we will do, till mid Feb.   Joking around and laughter is so good for the whole body, I just had some goofy fun with the husband. you see all the kido's are young adults and were all working so it just us.  When we were done we decided to stop at the Schweppes Inc's a food services and professional stuff.  That was fun too. Picked up some vinyl gloves for class and some small cake icing spreader for moving the paints and mediums around...and I found some breast cancer pink ribbon cookie cutters to use as some stencils in the collage paper making class coming up..(ideas are coming all the time)

I've not done this kind of thing with the husband in a long time...Just take off on a whim and have a good simple joyful time together..We even watched the movie UP together and the part in the movie when the little boy shares,  it's not the big stuff it the every day kind of things he misses from his relationship with his got the old guy thinking in the movie about his time with his wife and looking at the pictures in the scrap book how that is so true.. I couldn't help but think about my father in law that passed..when I think about him it is the small mundane daily stuff that my memories goes back to...Miss ya... you old fart... and so grateful to make this kinds of memories with my husband now.

I was able to take care of My IL. state taxes early in the morning and pay them so that left me feeling good that I accomplished that...all done now for the whole year..had to do it quarter this year...and this year we are in I don't just once at the end of the year...every few years the state does this to see if your a business or a hobbyist...well the state of ILL. that is.  So they gave me the go to keep it up as an small business.

For the life of me I couldn't figure out why I didn't pick up the list of students at Naperville Art League last week when I was in yesterday I ran in there after the lovely bonding time with the husband and picked them up...sent out a quick email to announce the class is a go! You see being sub- contractor like I am figured in, independent teacher, not linked to the park district scene I have to stay on all that stuff and be proactive in my effort to keep it all moving on and forward. I didn't pack up for that class yet as I wanted to wait...wait for what I don't know but I did run to the local office supply place and got some nice simple folders for the hand outs.  Next time if I'm making a supply list I'll ask that the student bring a folder if I have a lot of hand outs.. But to late and figured I'll do that...keeping it simple and clean cut and easy to manage for them with all the stuff we will be doing in class, it's so easy to loss the hand-outs...

As I ramble on here...I stopped in the local Whole Foods and was just going to pick up a few things and ended up with a little bag full...but I picked up some Tilapia fish that was ready to bake with breaded with Parmesan cheese.. Great tasting, I know cause they got me with a sample. Came home and finished off the day with that and a bake potatoe and stuffed the hand outs in the folders for class I bought and a folding two loads of laundry... now on with week 5 and a day full of fun in the studio..

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  1. I'm wondering if Naperville Art League is near me in Prospect Hts. Hmmm have to look into this.


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