Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday morning

The list is going and how crazy is that...well with the beginning of the year all things need to be turned in and new opportunities for exhibiting and teaching and presenting of workshops.  I received a nice email other day asking me if I want to teach a workshop in Crystal Lake...hmmmm, that sounded exciting so this Thursday I'm doing a road trip up to Crystal lake to check it out...there's a place in Lake Geneva too but I've not heard back from them  Maybe I should see and do a full day of it.. that could happen.

In the homestead...there was joyful laughter in the kitchen last night as the young adults were all playing apples for apples.  That is so good to hear...they say Laughter is the language of the was music to my ears. So Hank...our black great dane seems to be going in to his last growth spurt as he started tearing up the extra bedspread I put on our bed daily so when he sleeps up there...and I came home there was stuffing/bedding all over the place..And Hanks rear end was jacked up and his chest area was all jiggly like puppy skin...and Hank is 19 mo. now but they say bigger breed dogs can grow all the way till they are two and he's not done with it...he's putting some meat and more height on...I can't tell mainly when I'm sitting at the table where his head comes to my head...I love it all though,  call us crazy but the husband does too.  Did you ever think when you were younger and wanted a horse or  pony of your own...we've got one now..and it a delight.  When you watch Scooby Do and see the goofiness of Scooby you can understand where it came from..

Had to run in to the city yesterday to pick up my one piece that was in the show at J2's always good to chat with Chris the Gallery owner...Nice people there. and a Beautiful gallery.

Well enough rambling from things to do so best bust a move...

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