Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hard to capture the real thing

It's been  few days since I've walked the path and I need to bring some inner turmoil to the woods to seek some guidance about and I think I received it and in a very gentle and calm way. I've not used my walking poles since last winter, it felt great to use them to keep stable and also to work other body parts that surely needed it, a bit sore this morning but a really good kind of sore.   As I walked along the snowy path there in the center of the path was a little mouse...My mind was brought instantly to a book that I so love and have.

  I really need to find the book on my bookshelf and read it...a message is to be found in there. Well I continued to  walk and stop I was the only human out on the path for two hours so it was so peaceful to stop and listen the chatter from the nuthatches and the woodpeckers...and a few blue jay's too. 

 After taking the picture of the little mouse on the trail which was frozen fresh,  I looked up and seen 4 deer bedded down but by the time I got my phone out and got ready to snapped a picture they were all standing up on the ridge. I then seen they were all bucks. One large one on you left and to yearlings and then a medium sized one...watching and standing oh so of the protective behaviors they will do...if they don't move then they think you can't see still which works well in the thickness of the spring and summer growth but in the winter time I was taught to look for the horizontal lines it will help you see the everything in the woods is more vertical.
So refreshed and with new perspective on my life and what is needed I walk away only to revisit again today...nothing like feeling the enviornment you live in...being part of life in it's riches form. Like holding a new born..the time in the woods is so special to me. 

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