Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Flow Mixed Media Collage-LaGrange Art League

Class starts today, I'm excited. Creating in this style of work is really fun. We will be working on the back grounds after I go through my intro and a few little exercises to warm everyone up..
 Depending on the amount of time we many only get a under line base coat of color usually two but maybe three. You can see I've come back in after the paint was dried and made some compositional gesture lines.
 You can see how the gesture lines have turned in to the guidance of the direction for the rest of the layout.

Intertwining the layers from paint, pastel, to collage papers and then image transfers and back into any one of the other mixed mediums to achieve a desired composition.  The congested area on the lower left corner is where all the commotion  is at and then it cycles up and out with help from the gesture lines made by the pastel pencils  and you flow around and around. Though you many stop from time to time looking at other aspect to the piece the majority of the composition leads you around the surface you are looking at...and what's in the composition and now you use that can help you create a pleasing piece of art.  And it's OK to have open spaces in you work as this one above's away to create the sense of space in the piece and a place of calm..not all places on a good composition have to have something going on all the time..We wouldn't be able to handle it. Check it out the next time you look at art see if to much is going on and you have to turn away...then again it might depend on the style of art too. like these piece above are abstract and they do have a tendency to turn people away because they have the ability to stir emotion in the view that they are not ready for.

Learning to work with value is a great practice, if art is  lways the same value it would look flat and lifeless...even looking at a loved one face..the skin is not all the same value.   You can create the value in color too not just gray scale. When creating in color you have a Monochromatic piece of art.. which can be a good study practice for anyone wanting to learn. Monochromatic is using one color and toning and tinting with white and black which in the gray scale it is the use of the intensity of the Blackest black to the lightest white. Creating range in the color or Hue as some call it.

Well you can tell I'm prepping up for class. Got to bust a move now...need a shower and get my Little transit out of the drive way and off to work..

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