Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day off-Doctors orders......

1. the photo on top is the papers I printed yesterday in's done on the New York Times..and I keep layering the acrylics up first with a scraper I swiped the paint on and had a good time pulling it across..really getting the arm and letting out a bit under line energy so the good stuff could come to the top...and then I keep inking up plates and having a ball working with the colors..

2. that is the piece I did in class working with the other papers...smaller piece done on mat board 8 x 8, was a scrap center from my tack down Tuesday mats. I laid the papers at the end and I'm kind of like the combo..there as you can see it's the same from the time...I might need to attach that today..later on.. just working on composition and what lay out to start with ...this is horizontal and vertical with a grid format..

So the inner doctor, intiution or gut is saying time for a day off...much work to get done but if I don't play and expereince what the real world is doing I will become a bit best take the advice and have a some adventure today...shower...breakfast...fourlegged loves for a running in the park with other like minded fourleggeds and then some running around..postoffice, bank and gas..and then to pick up artwork at the photographers and to the museum in Elmhurst...great show there...

"Bustin' a move to keep in the groove"


  1. I was lucky enough to take a painted paper class from Anne Bagby a few years back. I learned so much!!! Some days, when the stash runs low, I have a painted paper play day and make a huge mess and a wonderful pile of incredible papers that make there ways into other pieces. I wish I could do that with you! Maybe one day!
    Enjoy your good medicine day, Beautiful!

  2. Love the way you 'play'... take care of yourself Laura.

  3. thanks ladies...well adviced to do that for ourselves that is take a day off...and fill the was a great medicine day...


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