Saturday, January 07, 2012

Couldn't get enough of it~

I've been a sun junky of being out in the wonderful light of the day. Walking...walking...walking and a bit of granny trotting too.  The four legged loves of mine are really enjoying the extra time too. I spent again 2 hours out in the woods yesterday..I can get 6 miles done out there and it feels so good..I've not seen my dear path neighbor out there in some time. He(Aldo) and the wife travel to Florida often during the winter months but I did see the gentleman with the Pug...Such a independent fellow, the Pug that is...and other winter couples, new faces but delighted to be out there. I always comment about how wonderful the Health Club is today...they all kind of look at me a bit funny and then the get it...Or I'll say a bit busy on the work out trail at the Health Club today..

 The smells and sounds are so soothing to my restlessness..I think that's why I tend to want to stay there...I have to admit it...I don't relax until the head hits the pillow...I seem to need to keep going...Wish the body would show that but instead now it's just stays a bit Rollie Polly, and I'm good with it's the imbalance stage of my life when the darn hormones re-adjust in just keeping the daily going to a good will all pass.   

Oh I did want to share while I was out there in the woods...I witness a beautiful full coat coyote coming down the hill on to the path and then I stopped to he/she was in the crouched position and then pounced on a little Vole I think...Looked at me and stood there and then quickly ran off, turning back often watching me all the way...

He looked just like this too...

This is when the medicines from the woods can teach me a few things...I know the coyote is know as the trickster and the clever one. I've also read that if I keep watching myself at every step is over kill...My excitement of the new year and wanting to do it all so right-Perfect is going to get me in trouble..follow my instincts and all will be fine, plus keeping in contact with good orderly direction...and maybe I will catch a vole so easily as the coyote did... Sometimes holding vigilance of myself on every step can make me stall.. and being over cautious and make me not move and take the apropate steps and sometimes it just about taking a chance.  In taking a chance/risk is where you grow.

So with this all I'm going to jump back in on the lifes train and get on with the many wonderful things on the list to do today...I'm always like this before any class, workshop or demo...I'm so excited and afraid and honored to be doing what I'm doing...a whoop la of emotions...all stemming from the need to do it perfect...Oh heck...time to let go of that one...My journal class didn't go this season but there's got to be a reason.. and I'm sure it will show it's face soon enough

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  1. so beautiful...they take my breath away.


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